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Nancy Reyesnancy

Massage Therapy

Specialist in Back, Neck & Limb Care


  75 MINUTES £50


Appointments available, phone NANCY REYES On mobile: 07805 999 838

Opening hours:  

Monday 2pm to 7pm
Thursday 9am to 7pm

The Massage Therapy includes techniques for:


-Poor Manual Handling.                                                                           -Heavy Lifting                                                                      -Poor Sleeping Posture.

-Stress Relief                                                                                              -Fibromyalgia                                                                      -Neurological Conditions

-Deep Tissue Detoxification                                                                    -Cellulites Reduction                                                          -IBS and Constipation

-After Training Sport                                                                                 -TMJ Syndrome                                                                -Injuries suffered without a full recovery

-Aches caused by Bad Posture                                                             -Exercise and sport injury

Nancy will design the ideal combination for you.

Using Massage Therapy as well as Breathing control, Stretching, Remedial exercise and Reflexology the therapy will reduce pain, and ease the tiredness and stress caused by conditions such as:


Stiff neck

Shoulder strain

Back pan

Arm pain tingling/numbness

Sciatic Pain

Painful hip joints

Circulatory problems legs/feet swollen or numbness. 

Nancy has substantial experience to treat a wide range of the adults and children both able bodied and disabled with a range of acute and long term problems.

She has worked closely in teams with other Health Specialists to build rapport and facilitate co-operation to better care for patients.

Nancy studied the Medical/Therapeutic pathway of a BSc in Physical Education and Sports Science at the National Pedagogic University in Bogota,  Columbia from 1984 to 1987, which included foundation then advanced modules in such subjects as Kinesiotherapy, Kinesiology, Remedial Gymnastics and Exercise and Diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries.  Nancy then completed a Masters Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Medicine (1994/5) studying Paediatric Sports Medicine and Science of Sports Training.  She completed research into muscle exercise and recovery working with elite swimmers and their coaches.  The international equivalency of her degrees has been confirmed by NARIC.

Kinesiotherapists are qualified to implement exercise programs designed to reverse or minimize debilitation and enhance the functional capacity of medically stable patients. Treatment modalities include Remedial and Therapeutic Exercise, Remedial Massage, Motor Imaging and Motor Cognition, Fitness and Personal Training and Treatment programs for clients with chronic and degenerative disease.  Massage is also often used as a preparation for movement.  Training is received in orthopaedic, neurologic, psychiatric, paediatric, cardiovascular-pulmonary, geriatric and wellness practice settings.

Upon moving to Malaga Spain, Nancy ran a large back injury clinic and aquatic therapy program.  She moved to manage the therapy department at the prestigious Banos Clinic.  To support this role Nancy completed a 700 study hour Beautician’s course with CEAC College Barcelona in 2007.  This added to Nancy’s considerable skills base additional forms of massage and complimentary therapies such as Reflexology, Relaxation Techniques and the reduction of oedema.

Since coming to the UK in 2009 Nancy has compeleted her Fundamental and Advanced Kinesio Taping courses iin Cardiff, Saebo Stroke Treatment training in North Wales and Halliwick Disabled Swimming Teacher’s course, (April 2014), in Hull.

The techniques used in massage aid in the breakdown of scar tissue, reverses crystalization formed in muscles and reduces lactic acid build up.  Muscular balance is restored, aiding circulation of blood, lymph, cerebrospinal and interstitial fluids, releasing tension and accelerating the removal of toxins and waste products from the body.

A good listener and sensitive to the needs of young children and adults, Nancy is patient and kind with an empathic approach to individual needs. An important skill is her ability to design and implement physical and therapeutic programmes unique to the individuals care needs.