A catalogue of newsletters through the years can be found here.

2008 –  Geneva Smile, Mouth guards, Orthodontics, Rubber dam, Scaler, Sealant, Serial Extraction, Space maintainer, Sterilization, Temporary restoration, toothbrushing, Tooth fractures, Ultrasonic cleaner, Vaneers, X-rays.

2009 Abscesses, Antibiotics, Children, Skin Cancers, Sugary drinks, Sports & dental care.

2010 Abutment, Acid etching, Apicectomy, Autoclave, Bitewing X-ray, Bonding, Bracket, Bridge, Calculus , Caries, check-ups, Fluoride toothpaste, Medical History changes, Summer holiday appointments.

2011 – Brief History, Complete denture, Composite filling material, Crossbite, Gold membership award,  Moved, Porcelain veneers and crowns, The tooth fairy, Tooth position, Tooth whitening, White fillings.

2012 – Complete denture, Composite filling material, Cross-bite, crown/cap, Dental erosion, Fruit juice, in-between cleaning, Oral care product, New Podiatrist, Tooth cleaning, Tooth decay, X-ray unit.

2013 – New Legislation on Tooth Whitening:- Substances & under 18 year olds, Practice data protection code of practice, Maximum Prevention and Minimum Intervention, Celebrate Pyrford event.

2014 – Happy New Year:- Plans for 2014, Sugar facts.