We firmly believe that it is experiences at an early age that set a person’s behaviour for life. We therefore try to create a friendly atmosphere and see children as soon as they are able to come to the surgery. This helps to prevent dental problems from occurring, as well as making these early experiences pleasant.

We are very keen to see children as soon as possible, and generally will encourage new parents to bring in their baby to meet us as soon as possible. Not only is it a lovely to be introduced to our newest practice patient, we also have the chance to provide oral care advice to the proud mum and dad. We need to ensure that the small person will be happy and comfortable with seeing us. Especially during those tumble tot times when front teeth collisions are writhe!!

Most children in the practice have no fillings, we regard this as normal. To help achieve this we use fissure sealants and high concentration fluoride varnish. Also it is fundamental to teach good cleaning techniques from an early age.

Their tooth development is carefully monitored here and we can refer to one of several excellent orthodontists which we have practising locally.

Orthodontic treatment is frequently carried out on children in their childhood and teenage years as this is the most effective time to alter the position and growth patterns of the mouth and jaws.  We refer all our orthodontics out to specialists in this field.


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