advanced restorations and cosmetic dentistry

Once your mouth is healthy you may benefit from a range of techniques to improve the appearance and strengthen any weakened teeth. These include :

  • A White filling, specially colour matched to suit your teeth. These materials are used to repair decayed or broken teeth and also to mask unsightly marks and staining.
  • Tooth whitening, using the home-whitening system can provide a durable brightening of the teeth. This technology can lighten a smile without the sensitivity or the “fridge door” whiteness which alarms most patients.
  • Crowns can restore teeth which are heavily filled, and Bridges will replace missing teeth. Our patients often visit our technicians at the West Surrey Dental Laboratory of the bespoke assessment of the colours needed to produce porcelain and Bridges which will match their own teeth.
  • Dental implants can often be used to replace missing teeth. We work in conjunction with the Surrey Implant Services based in Guildford, and can advise patients if they are an appropriate option for the restoration of a missing tooth. Our implant surgeon has decades of experience with this treatment and we are always pleased to make a referral where appropriate.