Summer Holidays Approaching

Its summer time and the school holidays are looming. Time for cool drinks and iced treats but before you open the fridge freezer have a quick review of the sugar content of these snacks.

When we eat or drink anything, the sugars react with the plaque in our mouths and produce plaque acids. The pH level in our mouths become increasingly acidic, which means that the enamel on our teeth is under attack and at risk of dental decay. This acid attack can last for up to 1 hour after eating or drinking.

During these hot days drink plenty of water, eat low or no sugar ice pops or  ice creams such as those recommended for diabetics. Look for hidden sugars in foods and drinks. Some things we consider healthy such as fruit juices can contain as much sugar as a cola can and be just as damaging.  Also sugary treats if given should be kept to mealtimes and restricted to only once during the day. It is actually the frequency of eating sugary snacks that is most harmful to teeth rather than the volume.  Good snack choices include cheese, bread sticks, rice cakes, raw vegetables, nuts and seeds.

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