Back to School!

The start of a school year is usually a big step for your children. The ‘To Do’s’ lists will include stocking up on new uniform, stationary kits and shopping for more sports equipment but dental health is sometimes neglected in the preparation.

On the first day back children want to look their best therefore maintaining shiny clean teeth is an important part of the pre-school routine. A dental appointment around this period can be very useful in not only checking for signs of erosion and decay but also to educate your child in the best way to look after their teeth. It’s also a great opportunity to apply fluoride treatment and sealants if these are needed.

Packing healthy lunches and snacks is really important to kick the school year off to a good start. Crunchy vegetables such as carrots, celery and cucumber and nuts and seeds are a particularly great at snack times, whilst sweeter snacks such as fresh fruit, dried fruit, and flavored yoghurts are best kept to meal times. Reserve drinks such as fruit juice as a treat at meal times and increase water consumption. This enables your child mouth’s acidity levels to balance out over the course of the day.

Mouth Guards may be required during sports games. Your children’s safety is key and ensuring that mouth guards are properly fitted will give the best protection. Also don’t forget that helmets should be worn whilst children are cycling, roller skating or scootering to school.

As children approach secondary school and reach adolescence the hormonal changes can alter bacteria growth. Extra care will be needed when children require braces and we can give your child the best advice with this.

We’d like to wish every student a best of luck to their new school year.back to school

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